5th calf 2017

Another afternoon calf! Mike’s mom said she saw a calf in the dairy girls’ hay when she came back from a walk, so Mike and I headed up to check things out.

Meet Disco’s 9th calf for us: a boy – Colt.☺️

He looks to be rather large, just like Remington. This post will be another two-parter. We’ll let them stay together until tomorrow, and will bring them down in the morning.

[Click here to read about Disco’s calf from last year.]

Check back tomorrow for more pics of their trip to the barn…🎬


Updated from this morning 3-25-17

We were all relieved it was just Disco and Colt to bring down this morning. They cooperated nicely, and I think it’s safe to say all three of my boys were grateful Colt walked down on his own because NONE of them wanted to pick him up/carry him!💪🏼❌

He is even bigger than Remington, who was born 2 days before Colt!😱 He has longer hair which is super cute…☺️

He ALMOST gave up, right at the end, lol… But he did get up and walk into his stall. Whew!😉

Updated tally: 3 girls, 2 boys and 6 more to go (we think)!🐮

2 thoughts on “5th calf 2017

  1. Heather

    He’s a cutie. I don’t blame him for wanting to give up at the barn door. That’s a long walk especially for new legs lol.



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