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7th calf 2020

Here we are again – finally time for another new calf post!❤️

Yesterday morning, Mike thought it looked like Rosie might have had a calf. (The cows are in a field not far from our house, so he was looking from our back yard.)

After feeding the older batch of calves, we headed out to the Shire to check things out.

Yep – Rosie had her first calf unassisted and all cleaned up. Thank You, Lord!✝️

Meet Winnifred.❤️ (Gonna call her Winnie…🙃) She has beautiful markings and did a good job moving with her mama into Green Dragon so they could spend the day and night together. <Click here to read about when Rosie was born.>

This pic cracks me up – it’s like Rosie is saying, “Wait – you mean I need to stay here by myself with this thing??”😆

Here we are this morning – it was a misty-humid, typical Ohio, summer morning.🥵 Since I couldn’t keep up with the fast pace, zooming in made for lots of blurry pictures.🙄😬 Winnie shot up and stuck with Rosie all the way out the gate. BUT – then she stopped and came toward Mike, lol. She patiently waited for him to get the halter on her and then headed toward the barn.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

We were grateful Michael was with us to help get Winnie into the barn before he headed out to work down the road.❤️

Now our tally is 4 girls and 3 boys. Only one more to go!👍🏼 Gluey should be having her calf any day now…

What a beautiful season this has been!✝️🙏🏼