Skin food

Our largest organ = our skin!😱 This truth has really been sinking in for us. We have been on quite a journey! I’m sure I learned this years ago in school, but I didn’t really “get it” until homeschooling our boys. 

Totally makes sense to me now that what we put on our skin should be just as important as what we put into our bodies…  

This page will share some of our journey as we’ve been trying to wean ourselves from prior skin habits.

As we find links that have helped us, I’ll add them here:

Around 2010, we began using simple lye soap from friends of ours:

It has been our soap for showers, shampoo, laundry, cleaning, and dishes (for me). AND IT HAS BEEN AMAZING!❤️

Around that same time we began making our own toothpaste and deoderant. And I threw away all my makeup. (which wasn’t much😉)

[some day I will have a post & link to it here]

Next we began making our own vapor rub, powder, “greasy-cream” (sorta rhymes with the petroleum based product that starts with a V), and kefir cream for sunburns…

[be patient with me, please – hopefully soon I’ll add links to those posts here, too]

In the summer of 2013 we began making ghee from our butter:

In December of 2015 I made my first batch of “washed ghee”, and it turned out exactly like this post said it should:  

Back in 2013 we jumped into rendering our own grass-fed beef’s suet into tallow. I think it was about this time I threw away all my nailpolishes, and store bought hair products like gels and hairsprays.

This December of 2015, we made our first batch of tallow soap.    

This is the recipe we used:

This soap has such an amazing, creamy lather!! It’s different that the other soaps as mentioned above in that it is not as bubbley. But the bars are harder and the feel on skin afterwards is soooo SOFT!!❤️ 

And tallow balms have become a staple for us as a wonderful moisturizer and remedy for dry skin…  

Stay tuned as we do our best to update this page as we go… And feel free to contact us with any questions or availability of products for sale.😊