Monthly Archives: May 2012

Baby Shower

What a great day!

Mike’s sister & I had baby shower (party) here  for our future nephew on Sunday. 🙂  We had fun preparing for it, and I especially appreciated her willingness to help me tidy up our house for the big event…

Ben, Kristin, Alyssa, & Addisyn are in from Nebraska for the week, so we enjoyed an afternoon of food, fellowship, & fun.

[Click here to see where I got the inspiration for this “diaper cake”…]

Gotta say, originally, my boys were NOT very excited at participating in a girl party “baby shower”, hence our naming it a FAMILY PARTY, lol…

It became more fun for them, though,  when they were put in charge of “games”…

No typical party games here…

What did they do?  Well, potato gun shooting contest, of course! 🙂

By the end of the day, they were EASILY clearing this oak tree! 🙂

Lord, we thank You for this wonderful day full of laughter & sharing.  We praise You for the miracle of NEW BIRTH.  As our family grows, use us to reflect Your Light everywhere we go.  AMEN

4 wagons of hay, yeah!

On Friday, Mike was able to get 4 wagons full of hay – just shy of 450 bales.  Tomorrow comes the “fun” part – unloading them all, lol! 🙂

We’re SO THANKFUL for friends who allow us to borrow the equipment we don’t have to complete the task – couldn’t do it without ’em.  🙂

This will probably be the only batch of square bales we’ll make this year.  Since it was a mild winter here, we still had quite a bit leftover from last year.  Lord willing, the rest will be round baled in the next week or two.  🙂

Strawberry harvest begins

Enjoyed our 1st picking of strawberries on Thursday! Paul has volunteered to be our “designated strawberry picker”. He went with Grandma at the crack of dawn to a pickin’ patch. Together they picked 12 quarts. The berries tasted good, but they were pretty small. They’ll go pick again in a couple days. We need LOTS more to make all the jam we need for a year of kefir shakes, lol!

I am so thankful that Paul likes to pick strawberries…my knee joints get angry at me when I pick, and Mike & Michael hate detest don’t like picking ANY berries, lol! (They don’t have any issues with EATING them, though!) 🙂

Paul also picked a pint of strawberries from his patch in one of the raised beds. Perhaps someday we’ll get enough from his patch so we don’t need to pick anywhere else! 🙂