3rd calf 2023

Since Roni had her calf 9 days early, Mike & I figured we should probably bring April down to the barnyard SOON. Yesterday was the day, and BOY WERE WE GLAD WE DID THAT! Because this morning when we went over to milk, there she was with her first calf!❤️ Her due date wasn’t until 4-25, so this one was 12 days early.😳 April did a great job calving on her own.👍🏼 We were so grateful April had her own space to calve, while Helga & Roni were just on the other side of the fence. We prefer this type of situation rather than the rodeo we had bringing Roni & Helen down, lol.😆

Meet James! (Still gleaning names from All Creatures Great & Small😉) He is a spunky one. He and Helen share the same dad – an angus bull. <Click here to read about when his mama April was born.>

James wasn’t fond of the halter, but Mike was able to eventually get him to lead his mama into the barn. James is a bit stockier than Helen – and definitely has a thicker neck.

Lol – isn’t he adorable??🐮😍

Then Mike carried James up to join Monty & Helen.💪🏼

Monty cracks me up – he’s smiling for me!🤣

Helen is in the middle and James is on the right.🙂

Tally is now 2 boys and 1 girl, with 2 more mamas to calve.🐮🐮🐮

Granny should be up next with her due date being 4-27. Mike noticed her udder was pretty full when he went up to Mordor to check on everybody this afternoon. He was able to get her out, so now she is with Helga, Roni, and April. We are ready if she has another calf before its due date…🎉

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