2012 Prayers

I always like to think about “new resolutions” each time a new year rolls by.  It was January, and the boys had gotten Mike “The 10 Commandments” movie for Christmas, so we were watching it with our Bibles open.  We enjoy noting where the Hollywood version differs from the Bible, so it actually ended up being a Bible Study at the same time.  Several revelations came to me during this time, and as a result, 3 prayers were developed for myself for 2012.  I thought I’d share them with you…

  •  Lord, please help me to recognize what You want me to do – MAY I NOT USE PRAYING FOR GUIDANCE AS AN EXCUSE TO POSTPONE DOING IT!  [This was inspired from Exodus 14:15 where the Lord told Moses to STOP PRAYING & GET MOVING!  I tend to be really good at praying for something over & over again, but then forgetting about the action part.]
  • Lord, squash my old way of thinking “what I should change into” and OPEN MY EYES TO HOW I SHOULD USE THE ABILITIES AND STRENGTHS YOU’VE ALREADY GIVEN ME TO DO YOUR WILL.  [God took Moses’ characteristics and molded them until they were suited to His purposes.  I don’t need to change and be someone completely different, I need to embrace how God has made me & use those attributes to work for His Kingdom.]
  • Lord, I pray for a continued focus on DEVELOPING A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU… not a life of ritual and religion, but OF AUTHENTICITY AND FULL OF BLESSINGS IN MY BROKENNESS.  MAY I MODEL TO MY CHILDREN THAT MY DESIRE IS FOR THEM TO WALK ALONGSIDE ME AND SEE YOU IN MY LIFE…CHANGE MY FOCUS FROM A TASK ORIENTED LIFE TO A LIFE OF SERVANTHOOD BECAUSE OF THE JOY OF MY SALVATION THROUGH YOUR SON, JESUS CHRIST.  [Jethro’s (Moses’ father-in-law) religious background PREPARED-HIM-FOR, rather than prevented-him-from responding in faith to God!  Like me, he was a Gentile – his conversion is in Exodus 18.]


I laminated the notecard I wrote these on & keep it in the front pocket of my Bible cover.  Every now and then, I pull it out and review.  I’ll have to tell you how God revealed an answer to me while I was crocheting a baby blanket a couple weeks ago…  Watch for a future post about that!  🙂  Do you like to evaluate your walk with Him, too?

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