A day out…

I was invited to go with Mike’s Mom & Sister out for shopping & lunch today.  It was a fun day out – something the 3 of us don’t do very often!  Mom & I ended the day visiting a new quilt shop in Louisville.  Mom loves to hand-quilt, and her work is beautiful!  (She also does all our mending & patching, too!)  Right now, she is looking for ‘the perfect” green to go with a new quilt she wants to piece together that her mother had embroidered MANY years ago.  While I am not a quilter, I LOVE CRAFTS & FABRIC STORES!  I love to walk into such colorful, cheerful places & admire beautiful handiwork…  The place today was neat, because not only did it have beautiful fabric, but the decorating was AMAZING!  (You can tell that I’m the type of person where PRESENTATION makes a BIG IMPRESSION, lol!)  Here’s a pic of a wonderfully creative way to display fabric in an antique head & foot board…

And I just LOVED this “dress” quilt.  I’ve never seen anything like this…

As I was preparing this post, it reminded me of a poem I had written for Mom in 2010.  So, for my “scrapbook”, I’ll end this post with that poem.  🙂

Are you a sewer, or an admirer, like me?

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