Moooving cows…

Last Wednesday we split up the cows that we put together in Gondor the day before. We moved the summer-beef & heifers-to-breed up to Gray Heaven & left the dairy girls in Gondor. In the 1st pic, you can see the yearlings (last year’s calves) watching on the left in The Shire. Little did they know, they’d be joining them shortly, lol! 🙂 The 2nd pic shows the first group enjoying the grass in Gray Heaven.

Next we moved the yearlings to join the others in Gray Heaven. The less groups we have, the easier it is for Mike to move temporary fence for rotationally grazing each group…BUT, too many in a group can be a challenge, too. So, 2 groups it is. 🙂

The third pic is the yearlings on their way, & in the last one they are entering through the gate of Heaven. 🙂

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