Cute, but NOT REALLY….

I can’t even begin to tell you the sickening feeling I felt this morning as I walked home after milking. I looked out toward our house & saw a beautifully colored herd of calves IN OUR FRONT YARD DOWN BY THE ROAD!!! I yelled to Mike & our bodies went into “adrenaline mode”… Thankfully, the happy herd came toward ME & away from the road. Our backyard has an old picket fence around three quarters of it, so we managed to get them to go in one of those corners, by our house. The boys and I were able to keep them here while Mike scrambled to put up a temporary fence along the open section.


So what did Mike use for the temporary fence?? Extra metal fence posts & old cattle panels from when we took our “eggmobile” apart several years ago. They’ve been “waiting” for us to clean them up, but we hadn’t gotten to that yet…

Once the “fence” was complete, we all felt more secure. If this mini herd decided to run together, at least this should keep them contained in our back yard. Fortunately, all it took was coaxing from the lure of a bottle bucket to get a couple calves following us. The rest followed suit, and all babies are back in their home, safe & sound! 🙂

Dear Father – we are so thankful that none of our calves were hurt this morning as they adventured outside of their fence. Too often we’ve forgotten about the “function” of our picket fence, because we dwell on how it doesn’t “look” nice, with peeling paint & loose boards. You showed us today, the value of its function, and we THANK YOU! It’s so amazing to me how you incorporate our “mistakes” into Your plan. May we not be discouraged with long “to-do” lists, but be encouraged that as long as we do our best to be wise with our moments because we are ALWAYS working for You, You can use ANYTHING to help us.  May this incident cause the four of us to be extra diligent in backing each other’s work up – like double checking gates, so that we don’t repeat this same mistake again. AMEN


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