Our version of “ranch” dressing

Our boys L-O-V-E ranch dressing!  They use it as a dip for veggies & pizza, as a salad dressing, & as a condiment.  (Must be in their “blood”, lol – my brother used to make ALL KINDS of crazy concoctions using this same dressing…remember, Mark??)  🙂

Now that I read ingredient labels, though, I’m not such a fan of this dressing – no matter how good it tastes.  😦  So, I’ve had a (secret) goal of trying to make a homemade version.  I have actually found many ideas online, but never got past printing out the recipe, lol.  We had some friends out for dinner last fall, and with their salad, they brought a, you-guessed-it, HOMEMADE RANCH DRESSING!!!  Now… if I TASTE something, and already know it’s good, I’m much more motivated to make it…

So glad our first batch of sour cream was ready today – we’ve all been waiting for more of this dressing!


1-1/3c plain yogurt (or mayo 286g)

1c sour cream (227g)

1c milk (227g)

1/4c raw apple cider vinegar (65g)

2t each of dried parsley(2g), garlic powder(7g), sea salt(14g), & onion powder(7g)

1t dried dill weed(1g)

Whisk everything together, and place in fridge.

Yield is one quart.

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