Hay Prayer

Heavenly Father, as today marks the beginning of hay season here on our farm, I come before You and lay down our burdens. It’s so easy to become uptight as we fight the urge to dwell on all the unknowns. Help us to change our perspective to how You see things. Prepare us for handling the unexpected breakdowns or sudden rain showers. May we not condemn ourselves when we realize in retrospect we should have done something different. Instead, allow us to add that lesson to our walk – so that we can remember it in the future. Lord, I especially pray for my aging body in this season. Daily, I am reminded that You have not created this body to last here on earth forever. I accept that, and look forward to my new body in Heaven when You are done with me here. Until then, strengthen me physically to be able to help where I can, and strengthen me MENTALLY to know when I need to step aside and accept help. And Lord, when exhaustion sets in as this season progresses, and our patience wears thin, bring kind words to our tongues. May we be able to practice the grace You so perfectly have shown to us. We thank You for our hay harvest this year and pray for the animals who will receive it. May it richly bless them for whatever function they perform on our farm. I’m so grateful You love me & will listen to my pleas. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Hay Prayer

  1. Dawn Roberts Post author

    Funny, when I prayed for preparing for unexpected equipment breakdowns, I was thinking about the tractor & hay equipment… It actually all worked just fine. BUT, our cream separator died Friday morning & we accidentally left a water hydrant on, draining a 500 gallon tank instead… Not sure what’ll come of the cream separator, but fortunately the water tank DID fill back up. I thank You, Lord, for helping us to deal with these “breakdowns” – we could feel You keeping us calm & keeping our heads clear to troubleshoot solutions. I love that You can take a prayer meant for one thing & weave it together to help in another. AMAZING, YOU ARE! ๐Ÿ™‚



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