Strawberry harvest begins

Enjoyed our 1st picking of strawberries on Thursday! Paul has volunteered to be our “designated strawberry picker”. He went with Grandma at the crack of dawn to a pickin’ patch. Together they picked 12 quarts. The berries tasted good, but they were pretty small. They’ll go pick again in a couple days. We need LOTS more to make all the jam we need for a year of kefir shakes, lol!

I am so thankful that Paul likes to pick strawberries…my knee joints get angry at me when I pick, and Mike & Michael hate detest don’t like picking ANY berries, lol! (They don’t have any issues with EATING them, though!) 🙂

Paul also picked a pint of strawberries from his patch in one of the raised beds. Perhaps someday we’ll get enough from his patch so we don’t need to pick anywhere else! 🙂

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