the miracle of Peekaboo

A long story…

One of our “veteran” cows is named Pax. She came with the original herd of dairy cows we purchased back in 2007. She did/does NOT have a desirable personality – in fact, she is downright cranky – especially toward men. So, let’s just say she is not one of our “favorite” cows, hence the name category chosen for her line was “superhero villians”…

Each year, though, Pax has given us a bull (click here for more on how we name our bulls…) – so we haven’t been able to utilize that name category… (We’ve had a name all picked out, though – PoisonIvy!)

This year, as we’ve been watching Pax get bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER. We thought perhaps she might have twins growing inside… Here’s a pic of her from last week:

Tuesday morning, we went up to bring down the girls for milking and sadly, found Pax near a deceased calf. We searched and searched for a second one, but to no avail. While we were disappointed, we tried to focus on the other 9 healthy calves we have been blessed with this year – plus, Pax seemed ok, so we would still be able to milk her. She filed down with the rest of the herd & it was a normal milking.

Mike went up and checked on Pax several times throughout the day on Tuesday – both to make sure she was ok, and to make sure there wasn’t another calf stashed in the tall grass. There wasn’t… at least he didn’t SEE one…

Fast forward to Wednesday morning… Boys went up to bring down the cows and low & behold, there’s a calf with Pax, lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

After all this drama, I thought it appropriate to change her name category. I had the name of Miracle in mind for her, but the boys really wanted to name her Peekaboo, lol. Sounded like a pretty appropriate name, too, so Peekaboo it is! ๐Ÿ™‚ Guess Pax’s name category is “games”. Kinda funny, isn’t it?

Lord, we thank You for the blessing of yet another calf – and for the game of peekaboo she put us through. While it was a bit frustrating & sad as we experienced it, we see now how You can redeem all circumstances and continue teaching us life lessons through Your Creation. It is neat to see how Peekaboo’s story has redeemed Pax’s lineage – from “villians” to “second chances”. May that serve as a reminder to us that while we still have breath, it’s never too late to repent & humble ourselves before You. What a comfort to know that the mistakes of those before us do not eliminate the possibility of Your Saving Hand on our lives. In this game called “life”, keep us from being distracted by worldly, little things & keep our focus on things of critical, Eternal importance. May we overflow with Your Love which binds us all together. AMEN ๐Ÿ™‚

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