My (our) 3 precious nieces…

Have enjoyed a visit with 2 of my (our) 3 nieces this week.  🙂

We don’t get many opportunities to see them, so it makes these visits, extra special! 🙂

Pulled the boys’ old Thomas The Train tracks out to play with Alyssa & Addisyn, who live in Nebraska. 🙂

And here I am with Abbi in February 2011.  She lives in Arizona. 🙂

Lord, I thank you for blessing our lives with these girls.  Though we live many miles apart, may that not be a deterrent for building a relationship with one another.  Thank You, Lord, for this day of technology that we live in.  May we be able to take advantage of all the modes of communication that you have inspired for this time period.  Help me to be a Godly aunt, Lord – may these girls see You, in me.  AMEN 🙂

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