Michael & “Nanner”

It’s official:  Banana is Michael’s calf! 🙂

I know, I know – he could easily say he has 10 calves, because WE have 10 calves…

But that just wasn’t the same for him.  I think it’s cute that he just wanted one he could call his own… (don’t tell him I said “cute”, lol)

It was a good reminder that in my “adultness”, I too often gloss over those little, “easy” gifts, like giving responsibility & quality time.  We get so bogged down trying to figure out what we can afford to “buy” the boys for gifts, that we can lose sight of the gifts around us.   Thank You, Lord, for using children (even teenagers) to remind us to slow down and just practice “being”.  Continue to open our eyes to Your Gifts which surround us each day.  And as our boys grow, may there be a part of them that is able to retain this beautiful, innocent “childlike faith”.  Perhaps children in their future will remind them of it, just as You use them for me.  AMEN

Michael’s excitement was a joy to watch when Mike told him Banana could be his – guess there’s nothin’ like having one of your very own. 🙂

They bonded immediately – she is especially loving the extra attention…

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