Hawk rescue pics

Hard to believe this happened 13 months ago!  I mentioned I’d try to post these the other day, so here goes…

Mike & Michael had been moving cows up in Gray Heaven, when they noticed a hawk walking around pretty close to them.  They thought perhaps it was a younger one learning to fly, so they watched it and stayed away.  All week Mike kept saying how much he wished he would have caught that hawk…  Well, that wish came true!  The following week, he was in Gondor & saw the SAME HAWK walking in the woodline.  Now he started thinking something might be wrong with it, because as he got closer, it didn’t fly or even try to fly away.  He made some phonecalls, and found a rescue farm not far from us who said they’d take it if he could catch it!  OH WAS HE EXCITED!!! 🙂

I was the willing photographer… Here’s the story in pics:

Look at those talons!

Here is Turtle Spring Farm Wildlife Center, Inc., checking out this Krider’s Red-tailed hawk…

This hawk is a female, and it was determined she had nerve damage in her wing, so she couldn’t be released back into the wild.  Instead, she is an educational bird now!  We went to see her in August of last year at a function in New Philadelphia.  Here are 2 pics from that day.  Isn’t she beautiful??!! 🙂

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