We gotta let the Light shine…

We had a bunch of lights in our basement that needed new bulbs. Some we needed to buy new bulbs for, and some we just had to take the time to find in our garage. Since we weren’t placing a real high priority on changing this situation, it’s been very hard-to-see in our basement. For awhile, that was OK; but after a couple weeks, I started to get a little cranky every time I had to go downstairs. 😦

Since our basement is a walk-out, it’s convenient for it to be our main entry & exit. And, since we are often muddy/dirty, this is a good transition space to change from dirty to clean before we go upstairs. This IS a nice feature, BUT, this also means our basement has a tendency to be a WRECK. I wish I could say it’s just our muddy boots; but the fact is, we can all be pretty lazy, and leave items laying around with the thought of either: “putting that away later” or “someone else will put this away for me”. 😦

This past winter, it seems I was finally able to get into a good routine for keeping it tidy. But once milking picked back up & garden season began, I had to let that routine “slip” so I could focus on other priorities. (I believe that’s called “planfully neglecting” so you can do what’s most important first, lol…)

Our basement is basically a “catch-all”: baseball bags & equipment laying around, shoes & boots strewn all over, work clothes in piles on the freezers, outgrown clothes overflowing in a corner waiting to be taken to Goodwill, misc items from emptying out pockets on the edges of too many steps, various found treasures like pretty rocks or old rusty hinges, chunks of dried earth waiting to get swept up, shirts waiting to get ironed hanging where ever there’s an empty space on a pipe, overflowing bins of laundry waiting to get washed….uggg 😦

And to not be able to see very well, while trying to avoid these obstacles, was not making me very happy…

One day last week, Mike surprised me & put new bulbs in! I walked in and it was beautiful…for about 5 seconds…

All of a sudden I could SEE just how bad this basement had gotten. It was like a veil had been lifted… I wanted to go back to the dark. 😦

Made me think about my walk with the Lord. Like Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:17. He didn’t come to abolish the law, He came to fulfill it. We need to KNOW what His laws are or we’d never know when one was broken. But none of us can ever be perfect at following the law, which is why God sent Jesus to model that for us! As I learn more about His Ways and try to “unlearn” the dark ways, I find myself sometimes thinking, “Wow – sure was easier back when I didn’t know that was wrong.” As long days & exhaustion sets in, the devil is just waiting to throw in his jabs – “the old way was better” or “nobody needs to know” or “just hide that so it’s out of sight”…

Well, thank Heaven for His Spirit Who now dwells in me!!!! I LOVE BEING IN THE LIGHT!! Isn’t this what I often pray for: “Expose the wickedness in me, Lord – bring it to light so I can see it keep me moldable, rebukeable – cleanse me, Lord from every sin…?” 🙂

I was listening to the radio & a Kari Jobe song came on PERFECT for lifting my eyes back up. Here’s the chorus (from Matthew 5:14-16):
We are the light of the world.
We are a city on a hill.
We are the light of the world.
We gotta, we gotta, we gotta let the light shine.

Father, thank You for answering my prayers & sanctifying me through my life’s walk. 1John 1:5b-7 tells me that You are light. In You there is no darkness at all. If we claim to have fellowship with You, yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. But if we walk in the light, as You are in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, Your Son, purifies us from all sin.

Sorry, satan – I’ve been brought into THE LIGHT, and you can’t take me away. I am able to see what’s being exposed and press on because of what God’s Son did for me on the cross. In the Lord’s perfect timing, Jesus will be right beside me as we clean up these messes – one pile at a time. I’m so grateful for LIGHT! AMEN

2 thoughts on “We gotta let the Light shine…

    1. Dawn Roberts Post author

      Thanks & thanks!! 🙂 One of these days I hope to have some free minutes to go to my blog on the computer so I can do a post about this award nomination – I can’t seem to get links to work from this phone app… It is an honor to be nominated! 🙂



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