Beef broth yield 2012

This post will be a record of quarts of beef broth canned this year + our recipe.

Since we just took some beef to the butcher shop, we are using up the beef bones in our freezers before we get more from this batch. Been trying to wait for some cooler days for this, but they seem to be few & far between this season…

We usually do 4 roasters full of broth stretched over 2 days. Here’s our recipe per roaster:

12# meaty bones
4 Onions
6 Carrots
12 Celery stalks

We brown the bones by lining the roaster with them, & placing the next 3 items on top. Place lid on roaster & roast for 1 hour at 450 degrees – flipping bones halfway through.

Turn off heat.

9 unpeeled & crushed garlic cloves
1T coarse sea salt
1T peppercorns
1c raw apple cider vinegar
Cold water to fill roaster to top

Let sit for 30 minutes (no lid).

Add lid and bring to boil on high heat. Once boiling, lower heat to keep it at a low simmer. We let it simmer 12-18 hours. (May need to add more water towards the end to keep it full.)

Allow it to cool for a bit. Strain it. What’s left is a beautiful, healthy, broth! 🙂

We place the broth in large bowls with lids & let them sit a day in the fridge. The next day, it’s easy to remove the fat layer & begin pressure canning the broth.

Our yield is about 10 quarts per roaster.

6-30-12 canned 41 quarts

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