Grass-fed Beef 2012

The 12th of July, we had 2 large freezers go from empty to full!!!! 🙂

In all, we took 8 beef in to get butchered the 2 weeks before. The 12th was the day we picked our 2 up from the butcher shop. Ohhhh were we excited! 🙂

Our FAVORITE is ground beef…in fact, we’ve been known to grind up our steaks when we run out of burger, lol! 🙂

Eventually, I hope to get a bunch of our recipes blogged that we use our ground beef in – like “salami”, “pepperoni”, “bacon”, jerky, “breakfast & italian sausage“, & meatloaf – just to name a few…  I’ll add the links to this post as I get them up. 🙂

This year, we have enough to “budget” four pounds of ground beef each week for one year.  And because I’m a control freak perpetual organizer/planner, I created a chart so we can keep track & HOPEFULLY not run out 3 months before we butcher next, (like we did this year), lol… 🙂

So what did we make that very first night??  MEATLOAF! Mmmmmm

Homemade cottage cheese with freshly ground sea salt & pepper, tall glass of raw milk, steamed dragon tongue yellow beans from last year’s garden with LOTS of our butter, and meatloaf…it was a WONDERFUL meal! 🙂

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