Abandoned kitten adopted today!

Yesterday, friends of ours rescued an abandoned kitten left under their bedroom window.  It is unknown what happened to the momma – but what was left was a VERY sad and hungry (not-to-menti0n ADORABLE) kitten.  They brought him here…

…and we took care of him yesterday through this morning.

The level of commitment necessary to nurse kittens this young is HUGE, and the thought was a bit daunting to all of us as we considered our overflowing plates right now.  But, his tiny cries were enough to melt our hearts to do our best to take care of him. 🙂

Then, this morning, some other friends of ours were over and FELL IN LOVE with him!  He is now a new addition to their very large family, lol! 🙂

What a blessing that You sent us help, Lord!  While we do not know how long this little guy will be around, what we DO know is that he will bring many moments of joy and laughter to this loving family.  We pray for patience, endurance, strength, and wisdom for this family as they do their best to take care of this kitten.  AMEN

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