our “salami”, “pepperoni”, “bacon” recipe

4 pounds grass-fed ground beef

2T sea salt

1/3c chili powder

2t garlic granules or several minced garlic cloves

1-1/2t fennel seeds

4t coarse black pepper

1t dried hot pepper flakes

3T wine of choice

Mix well and form into 4 “rolls”.  Wrap in foil and set in refrigerator for 24 hours.  Next day:  poke holes for drainage in various spots on the rolls with the tip of a pointy knife.  (I used to use a fork, but it left tiny bits of foil in the meat – fyi.)  Place rolls on top of a broiler pan with a bit of water in the base to catch any drippings.  (Makes it MUCH easier to clean the pan when done, lol!)  Bake for 1 hour at 325°.  Once out of oven, carefully remove foil and allow rolls to cool.  We like really thin slices, so we’ve found that a large serrated bread knife works the best – especially if the rolls have been in the fridge for awhile so they’re nice and cold.  Once sliced, I freeze stacks of slices.  It doesn’t take long for a stack to thaw enough to separate slices for a “salami” sandwich.

For “pepperoni”, we bake it on our sourdough pizza crusts.

For “bacon”, we add it to coconut oil in a skillet & fry it until crisp .  Here’s a pic of the frozen slices in the coconut oil:

Here’s a pic of Paul’s favorite way to eat it – crisp & dipped in ketchup, lol! 🙂

These recipes have been such a blessing to us.  We do our best to avoid lunch meats/processed meats.  It’s been fun using what we have to create healthy substitutes! 🙂

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