So excited – Selah concert!!!

Ahhhh – can finally relax. Made it…

Been waiting for this day since Christmas! FREE Selah concert in Canton tonight! We worked at CRAZY speed today so we could finish chores, school, garden harvest, & milking EARLY to make it up here by the time doors opened at 6.


Even had enough time to eat a picnic pizza in the parking lot, lol…

Thank You, Lord, for opportunities like today – for churches who sponsor free concerts – for talented musicians who share their gifts & sing for You – for workdays without calamity – for schooldays without difficulty – for harvests despite droughts – for family who allow us to borrow comfortable vehicles – for time to blog while we wait for the doors to open – and for phones to capture these moments & share with others. May this concert uplift us & fill us with joy through the harmonies & lyrics of Selah’s music. Amen.

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