Thankful for seeds…

Yesterday, as we celebrated the first of our Thanksgiving meals this weekend, I kept thinking about how grateful I was for “seeds”.

From the meats, to the vegetables, to the fruits, to the breads, to the desserts, and all the condiments – they can all be traced back to a “seed”. These “seeds” were conceived, germinated, grown, tended, cared for, born, hatched, picked, harvested, processed, cooked, served, and finally: consumed. By these “seeds”, our physical appetites were filled. Perhaps even, OVERfilled, lol…

Then I thought about “seeds” in regards to family. Perhaps it’s because we were with so many extended family members – multiple generations under one roof. Levels of people grown from the same “seed” – shared grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and those grafted in through adoption or many years of friendship. And then there’s the thought of future generations to be added to the family tree – new marriages and the miracle of children… By these “seeds” have grown many years of familiar traditions and memories – and now opportunities to plant new “seeds” for future relationships to grow as our walks progress from the youngest to the older…

As I prepared my meal contribution, I listened to this sermon by Vance Havner entitled God’s Work In The Life Of One Servant, Part 2. (aired on Moody Radio – Today In The Word Radio on 11-12-12) It truly spoke to my heart, and brought me to thanksgiving for the “seed” of His Word. This was a timeless sermon over 30 years old, and yet completely relative to today’s world. I absolutely love how The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The pastors will change, and the testimonies will be unique, but the Truth behind the lessons does not change like shifting shadows – just like James tells us in James 1:17. The “seed” of Jesus Christ is in His blood. And I am eternally grateful He died for me, so that I can spend eternity with Him. Father, while I am still here, I pray that I can plant many generations of “seeds” that You will grow. AMEN

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