Baby food jars – Christmas Candles

Thought I’d try to get some posts up of past craft projects we’ve done over the years.

Did this one about 11/12 years ago. Yes, I saved all the baby food jars from when the boys were little guys…

I honestly can’t remember how I came up with the idea – perhaps I saw one in a craft show or in a magazine ?

I can’t remember the name of the paint I used, or if it’s even still around, but it was a small spray can of “stained glass window” paint found at a local craft store. Not much to it – just gave them a couple light coats & let ’em dry. 🙂

I made a TON of them! Many were used as centerpiece decorations for class reunions & anniversaries. Then I did a bunch of red and green ones that I still bring out for Christmas. A tea candle fits just right and lasts about the perfect time before burning out. A couple jars are too small for the candles, so I remove the metal around the candle & it fits snugly inside. Added bows, and that’s it! 🙂






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