Nativity ornaments

Last year, I was inspired to make these toothpick manger scene ornaments after seeing something similar at a local craft show. Since I keep all greeting cards that have been sent to us, [I usually separate the cards at the fold, and keep the main side for future crafts/gift tags and the other part people write on is put into our scrap paper pile…] I just needed to dig out the Christmas themed card fronts, some toothpicks, glue, old beans, & sunflower seeds from the boys’ baseball “stash”, lol.



So I began, but quickly learned that this was going to take waaaaay more toothpicks than I had & it was also pretty tedious. While my 3 boys do not really like to come up with the ideas for crafts, they are usually pretty good with assisting when I have an assembly-line type setup. I really could not see much hope in their assistance with this version, so the manger scene ornament then “morphed” into this:



This was much easier to make – just needed canning lids (which we had LOTS of), construction paper, a couple matchsticks, spaghetti noodles, and stars. I had a cheap plastic necklace in my craft box that was made up of a bunch of green stars, so I cut it apart, and it worked perfect. 🙂

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