Chicken broth yield 2013


Last week was beef broth, this week is chicken broth! Both are a scrumptious smell to wake up to – but the boys both think chicken broth smells the best… πŸ™‚

We bought 4 pasture-ranged meat chickens, and are making 4 roasters full of broth. All the meat will be shared between our two houses & we’ll freeze most of it for future soups/casseroles.

Here’s our recipe for each roaster:

One 4-5 pound chicken (whole or pieces).

3 lg. onions, chunked
1 head organic celery, chunked
8 organic carrots, chunked
4 bay leaves
1/3c raw apple cider vinegar
And fill roaster to top w/ water

Let sit 1 hour (no lid).

Add lid and bring to boil on high heat. Once boiling, lower heat to keep it at a low simmer. We let it simmer 12-18 hours. (May need to add more water towards the end to keep it full.)

I add a bundle of fresh parsley for the last hour of simmering…


Allow it to cool for a bit. Strain it. What’s left is a beautiful, healthy, broth! πŸ™‚

We place the broth in large bowls with lids & let them sit a day in the fridge. The next day, it’s easy to remove the fat layer & begin pressure canning the broth.

Our yield is about 12 quarts per roaster.

I’ll come back and add final yields for this year to this post.



4 thoughts on “Chicken broth yield 2013

    1. Dawn Roberts Post author

      I learned this from my “Nourishing Traditions” cookbook by Sally Fallon.

      Here’s a quote from the “Stocks” chapter:

      “Properly prepared, meat stocks are extremely nutritious, containing the minerals of bone, cartilage, marrow and vegetables as electrolytes, a form that is easy to assimilate. Acidic wine or vinegar added during cooking helps to draw minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium and potassium, into the broth.”




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