Hanky pincushions

Last year, I was gifted a box of my Grandma Cegelka’s hankies.  I don’t know if she used them all or not, but I do know she kept them in her “special” box, so that makes them special to me. 🙂

She’s been gone several years now, but her memory lives on.  Sure wish I would have asked her more questions when I had the opportunity.


I wanted to create some kind of keepsake gift with Grandma’s hankies.  For the hankies with simple edges, I found this idea online. Was a fun way to use up some old buttons I had laying around. 🙂    I welcome any other ideas to try, as well…especially some kind of Christmas ornament… 🙂

Some of the other ones have crocheted edges, which are some of my favorites.  I also have some of her crocheted doilies and some linen doilies that she or someone in her family embroidered.  Funny, I would never really call myself a “girlie girl”, but there’s just something about these old treasures that speak beauty to me… Perhaps a future post of some of their pics will be forthcoming. 🙂

Lord willing, someday I’d love to create window treatments and/or a quilt using some of my favorite hankies & doilies. 🙂

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