Processing carrots and celery

The carrots that aren’t eaten fresh, we blanch, chop, & freeze. Once they have drained well, we throw them in a big gallon bag. They don’t freeze into a solid clump, so we just scoop out whatever we need for our recipes for the year. I think last season we had 8 full gallon sized bags of carrots. 🙂



Celery has really been a fun plant for us. Once the plants are established, we just cut off a few stalks as we need them during the summer. Plants just keep growing up more stalks! At the end of the season, we cut off what’s left. We just wash, chop, and freeze it. I suppose we could blanch it, but we never have. Just like the carrots, it goes into one gallon freezer bags. I think we had about 8 bags last season. 🙂






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