WELCOME – 1st calf 2013

AND AWAY WE GO… Mike went up to do the calf check this morning & saw PeaPod off by herself. Her official due date was for NEXT Saturday, but, all indications were that she was most likely gonna have one TODAY. And right he was…

Went back up to the field about 6 hours later, and here’s what we saw…


As we got closer, we could tell the calf had just been born – getting its first bath…


It’s a GIRL!! Her name is Cuke. 🙂




We were hoping we’d have all next week to be more prepared, but apparently the Lord thinks we are ready enough, lol.

Mike worked on putting the runway fence back up, and had some help from his brother and Paul.



By the time we were ready to bring them down to the barn, Little Cuke had a nice fat tummy, and had plenty of energy to make the long walk down to the barn. 🙂



Cuke’s Aunt Pepper joined in the parade down to the barn. Her baby is due any day now, too. 🙂




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