Calves or puppy dogs?

Brought Cuke, Sahara, and SG-13 over to our barnyard (aka Green Dragon), on Saturday. (If you click on their names above, it should take you to the post from when each one was born.)

As we walk our calves with halters on, they always remind me of puppy dogs… Since we don’t have any pet dogs here, I suppose these cute guys ARE OUR puppy dogs, lol…


I really like seeing them in the sunshine…

Here’s Cuke:


And Sahara:



And SG-13…


It is always fun to watch the calves run “full throttle” for the first time…especially when they learn that woven wire fences aren’t doorways, lol! πŸ™‚


And then there were introductions…

The boys from last year are on one side of their fence, and the girls from last year are on another side. What a difference a year makes! Thought it was pretty cute to watch them get acquainted! πŸ™‚






Once our pastures start growing, we’ll be able to move the yearlings, and these newbies will get the whole area to ram around in. They’ve adjusted well to their new digs… πŸ™‚



I even think the yearlings still look puppy doggish, despite the fact they are bigger… Must be their curly/fluffy coats. πŸ™‚

Here’s Augie & Romeo. Click on their names & you can see pics from their birth day last year.



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