Wear & tear and a little fence repair

Prayers of thanksgiving this week for fixes, fixers, and The Fixer. 🙂

A cold front blew through on Friday, and the winds snapped a dead tree onto a section of our fence.



Lol – my 3 goofy boys! 🙂


Fortunately, this break was an easy fix for them. They cut the tree off, and were able to staple the same fence back up. (And they were so quick, that I didn’t make it out to get a “serious” pic of them working, lol!) No broken posts, and no hurt or escaped animals! 🙂


And then Saturday, a vein disintegrated in our milk system’s vacuum pump…

Mike was able to tear the pump apart; however, we aren’t always able to fix everything ourselves. But we sure are grateful for companies who are available to help when we need it!

I don’t think there’s ever a “good time” for anything to break, or to have to seek outside assistance… But as we focused on the blessings, the Lord helped us in the process of the journey:

We got our milking done that morning. BLESSING
We bought that pump used & for over 6 years it has worked perfectly for us. BLESSING
Service was out to us within a few hours. BLESSING
Since we only milk once-a-day, the late cleanup didn’t affect our milking schedule. BLESSING
The day was frigid cold, but Mike had weather appropriate clothes to keep him warm. BLESSING
Mike’s mechanical skills were utilized to reduce the amount of another’s labor. BLESSING





Father, we thank You for minds that can troubleshoot problems, and hands that can fix things. Sometimes they’re ours, and sometimes they’re others, but You coordinate them all to work together to make things right. What a blessing to watch Your handiwork develop! Help us to focus on the blessings in every situation – not dwell on the negatives or unknowns. We acknowledge You are THE FIXER, and pray for strength to submit to Your plan…even in the unexpected & unplanned for hardships. Keep our focus on today, not tomorrow – and that in Your time, answers will come. May we be faithful as we walk. Amen

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