Potatoes – 2013

This weekend, after Mike got the garden worked up, I worked on cutting up the 50 pound bag of Kennebec seed potatoes for planting.


It just so happened, the boys had friends over that day… And much to our sons’ chagrins, we put them all to work at helping us plant the taters… (after we filled their tummies with a hearty dinner complete with homemade ice cream, though!) πŸ™‚

Their friends helped to make this not such a chore for our boys – so it was such a blessing to have them there. They even told us they enjoyed the “farm work”! I think Mike may have also convinced them of how “fun” it will be to dig them all up in the fall, lol – “good training for those muscles”, I believe I heard him say… And in all honesty, we’ll need as many muscles as we can get, since we planted twelve 50 foot rows of potatoes this year! (Just a bit more than last year’s 2.5 rows, lol…)

Amazing how much quicker it is to plant with extra hands. πŸ™‚ It only took us 45 minutes to measure, plant, and mound dirt over those 12 rows!

THANK YOU, BOYS! (Oh, and spread the word to others about digging this fall – we won’t send you home empty handed!) πŸ™‚

Here are some pics from the evening:

Potato planting 101…



Just taking a moment to admire the audience…






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