Pillowcases from old jerseys

While Mike & the boys were in Cooperstown, I worked on this Christmas gift for the boys: making pillowcases out of their old baseball jerseys.  As I look back, sometimes I wish I would have saved ALL their old baseball shirts from coach-pitch, up. I’ve seen some pretty neat patchwork quilts that have been made from items like that. But truth-be-told, I never even thought about it. Most likely, they got turned into rags...

But as the boys got older, they became more sentimental about their seasons & asked me to save their shirts.  It’s hard for me to store away boxes of “stuff” these-days, so I’ve been brainstorming about a “function” for these jerseys that would preserve them and yet still be useful. Guess that’s how this idea came about. 🙂

I know I’ve said before in my craft posts that I’m not fond of “machine sewing”. (I know, I know, what was I thinking about making a QUILT, lol…) That being said, this was a perfect project for me – mainly because it was pretty forgiving – whatever size the pillowcase turned out, it would inevitably fit at least one of our old throw pillows! (Which was actually a pretty cool revelation.  As I was contemplating how to make these, I had originally thought I’d need to buy pillow forms to put these pillowcases on, which would limit how many I could actually make. And as I began to get grumpy about what I figured a pillow form would cost to buy, suddenly the Lord inspired me with the thought of just covering all the old “throw pillows” we’ve collected over the years that don’t match with anything anyway! :))

When I first started making them, I thought I’d have to make measurements so a shirt would fit the pillow.  Super cool that wasn’t the case, because I’m challenged at calculating those kind of sewing details, lol…  Turned out the size of their shirts made for a pretty universal throw pillow size. 🙂

I had these done in two days & wrapped and under the tree when the boys came home.  I wondered if they’d notice all our throw pillow were missing, but they didn’t, lol… Further proof that I take too much stock in the small details of life sometimes! 🙂



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