Hodge podge floor lamp

Mike made me this unique floor lamp table for Christmas from scrap treasures he found. His brother was getting rid of a floor lamp with a broken base, so he salvaged it. Then he found an old rusty milk can in the barn, cleaned it up, protected it with POR-15, and gave it a fresh coat of paint. (His mom remembers the milk can from long ago, but doesn’t remember why it was fitted with the spicket on the front. Mike actually attached the lamp to the lid without damaging the can, so technically, it’s still useable…) Then he found an old silo door, cleaned it up, & varnished it. Attached it all together, & “whell-ah”, a new creation. I LOVE IT!! πŸ™‚

Still need to find a lampshade that will work on it… Not having much success at finding physical stores with longer lampshades to look at, in person. Since this lamp is higher than an average sized one, we’re thinking a shade 16-22″ would help to disguise its height. Or Mike said he could make the pole shorter, though he wasn’t too excited about doing that.




I’m also not opposed to making our own. Found some amazing ideas on the internet – here are a couple ideas…



Wonder what we’ll come up with & how long it will take us, lol? I’m thinking these wire frames on etsy have a lot of potential…hmmm… πŸ™‚

Any suggestions are welcome… πŸ™‚

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