Tractor tugboat…

So funny. Couldn’t help snap these pictures this week. Our lawn tractor stop moving forward while Michael was mowing. My 3 “mechanics” needed to get it next door to the big barn where all their tools are. Paul went and got the 4-wheeler and a chain, so he could tug Michael up the hill next door. Mission successful! πŸ‘

Funny, our school year has started a little differently than planned. Lifeschooling: Mechanics 101 actually began a couple weeks ago with our “farmily” (no, that’s not a typo) truck. Boys got to learn how to replace brake pads, emergency brake cable, and water pump. And this week it’s all about replacing mower belts and patching tractor tire inner tubes. Perhaps next week will be oil changes, fixing muffler holes, and door handles… Ahh, vehicles – such a love/hate relationship! 😬 Truthfully, we ARE very thankful for them, but it seems they are most often used as vehicles to grow our patience. πŸ˜‰ And that is most definitely A GOOD THING. πŸ‘

So here’s Michael coasting down our hill to hook up to Paul.



All hooked up…


And away they go!




2 thoughts on “Tractor tugboat…

  1. Diane

    Umm and you didn’t need a back up beep beep beep?!! LOL!! Lifeschooling is great!! Lessons they will never forget and always useful!! Love lifeschooling!!!



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