18 years together

Had to start milking extra early today so we could make it out in time for Michael’s double header. ⚾️

I will never grow tired of sunrises… ❤️






Looking back toward the girls…


Now I’m back at the milkhouse, looking up toward where the girls were…




And then I glance toward Mike in the barn and I do a double take…


I LOVE THIS MAN. ❤️ I love that he sees beauty where I see beauty. I love that I just caught him taking a picture of it like I was. 😍 I love that the Lord has blessed us with 18 years of marriage together. 💏


And I love that he txted me this picture after he took it. That he knew I’d love it. And I do. 💗


We love because He first loved us. (‭1 John‬ ‭4‬:‭19‬)

8 thoughts on “18 years together

      1. gardengateproject

        Hubby and I have been together almost 30 years and it truly grows sweeter each year. He called from work this week and asked if I had seen the sunrise. 🙂
        Blessings to you and Mike for many, many more years of marriage.


  1. Mark Cegelka

    Congrats u 2! Love u both and hope u find time between double headers and party till the cows come home…wait party with the cows then! :-)~


    1. Dawn Roberts Post author

      All IS well with us! For over 19 years, Dawn and I have been blessed with an ever deepening marriage bond. We are constantly amazed that our Heavenly Father is willing to shower two people who were living in such darkness with such grace and mercy. God has been patient with us as we lived for ourselves and at the perfect time He revealed our need for Christ. What a blessing it has been and continues to be that Dawn and I can walk together as we are being sanctified into who God wants us to be. We are walking, talking examples that no sin and no sinner is too great for God to save!
      My prayer is that this will satisfy your curiosity.

      In His service,
      Mike Roberts



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