4th calf 2017

Well, we didn’t have a calf this morning, BUT, when we went up to do a check this afternoon, THERE WAS!☺️

ScotchTape was off by herself in a grove of trees, so we figured there’d be a calf with her…

It looked like the calf had just been born – was still wet and laying down. We decided to let ScotchTape clean it up and feed it. Then we’d come back up in a couple hours to see how they were doing and find out if it was a boy or a girl. Since we’d already milked for the day and the boys were gone at baseball practice for the afternoon/evening, Mike and I decided that as long as Tape did a good job being mama, we’d let them stay together for the night and bring them down in the morning…🙏🏼

Thankfully, that is just what happened! Meet: Remington – our first boy for this season.👏🏼 (Mike’s sister gave the boys a category idea for this year’s bull calves: gun brands. Sounds like they liked the idea!😉) 

[click here to read about her calf last year]

Lord willing, tomorrow I will add Remington’s adventure to the barn onto this post. *STAY TUNED*🎬


Update from this morning 3-23-17:

Remington was well taken care of and it was not a problem bringing him and ScotchTape down to the barn.

Next we had to play musical calves… Plan A was to put the twins together, and Remington could have the last stall to himself… So Mike handed Maple over to Paul…

HOWEVER, Maple and Syrup immediately began sucking on each other, so we knew a Plan B was in order…🙄

So next the boys had the move the pile of scrap metal we haven’t gotten around to taking care of yet…😬

Now we had room to put up another gate.

Now we were ready to split the twins back up and move Maple back to her own stall.👏🏼

The weather is finally looking nicer, so Lord willing, we can move all these guys to the field over by our house tomorrow. That way we’ll be ready for round two of calves!😉

Tally: 3 girls, 1 boy and 7 more to go (we think!)☺️

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