2nd calf 2022

Wow. Praise the Lord He had us move our dairy girls out to pasture YESTERDAY!🙌🏼 Because TODAY, Mike found this little one out in the field – all cleaned up and fed.❤️

We kinda thought Uno had some signs yesterday that she was close to calving, BUT her due date wasn’t until 5-1, so we figured we still had a few more days to go… According to OUR calculations, Ruby should have calved before Uno – on Monday (tomorrow). But the Lord had other plans. Uno’s calf has arrived first!👍🏼

Granny and Tilly were content doing their own thing and watching from the sidelines. It was such a beautiful morning!☀️

This is Uno’s 7th calf for us.❤️ [Click here to read about her calf from last year.] [Click here to read about when Uno was born here.]

It’s a girl!❤️ We AI’d our herd again last year, and chose to use milking shorthorn semen for Uno. She has been a good milker for us, so we were prayerful she’d have a girl… Lord willing, she will be one of our future dairy girls. HOORAY!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Meet “Mary Kate.” (Think John Wayne movie – The Quiet Man)🤠 She was very laid back and calm for Mike to get the halter on her.👍🏼

Uno wasn’t very helpful in walking her calf down. She stayed in the back while others crowded around Mike and Mary Kate.😬

Eventually, we got Uno where we wanted her, and the 4 of us continued toward the barn. You can see Granny and Tilly up ahead in the barnyard…🐮

Once we got inside the barnyard, Mike got Uno into the barn and I waited with Mary Kate. She had a full tummy, so was content to rest and take in the scenery. When Mike returned, we got her into the barn.👍🏼

After milking Uno, she was quite happy to join her friends out in the field. The morning was perfect to welcome in our second calf of the season, and we were still able to make it to Sunday School and Church.✝️🙌🏼

3 more to arrive. Tally so far: 2 girls, 0 boys.🐮🐮🙏🏼

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