Here goes…

Welcome to our family’s blog.  My name is Dawn, and you’ll probably mostly be hearing from me.  You can learn more about me in our ABOUT page.  I am brand new to writing a blog, so bear with me as I learn.  Here’s the link to our ABOUT page for more info on that.  For years, I have been keeping a “pile” of notes, quotes, inspirations, Scripture verses, etc., that have made an impression on me.  I always thought that someday I’d either put everything in a scrapbook or perhaps even write a book…  BUT, honestly, I don’t think I should begin yet another new hobby, like scrapbooking, because I KNOW that I’d love it.  Problem is, there are soooo many things I love to do!  🙂  Other problem is, my “pile” is overtaking the box I’ve allocated for it… This year, I will be turning 40, and it seems the Lord has really been placing it on my heart to focus on the “legacy” I can leave behind for those after me.  Since I don’t know how many more days He wants me to work for Him here, I will use this blog as motivation to create a virtual “scrapbook”.  We will also use this blog to share snippets of our daily life, as well.  With that intro, I’ll leave this first post with a poem the Lord inspired me to write last Easter season…

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