WELCOME – 2nd calf 2013

Meet Tangerine’s calf: Sahara. He is MUCH larger than his half-sister, Cuke. It will be fun to see them side-by-side! A very nice, sturdy, stubborn headstrong bull, lol. 🙂



If you’d rather not see a graphic picture of how God has created nature to work, SKIP THE NEXT TWO PICTURES.

I didn’t intentionally set out to capture Tangerine passing her placenta, but that’s exactly what happened. With me having ZERO farming background growing up, this is something that has completely amazed me… Not so much the “event” itself, but that it is natural for the cow to EAT it. It is SUPER-HEALTHY for her, so we paused our journey while she “took care of business”, lol…



Thankfully, Mike didn’t have to carry him… He “sorta” made the trek down to the barn on his own…with a bit of gentle prodding, lol.





Just like we did with PeaPod & Cuke, Sahara will stay with his mom overnight, we’ll milk his mom tomorrow morning, and take over Sahara’s feedings from that point forward. To hear more about how & why we milk the way we do, click here for the link to a podcast we did a couple months ago.

PeaPod is very interested in Tangerine’s calf, lol…


And I’ll end this post with some close-up pics… I love how “puppy doggish” he looks with his longer, curly hair! I definitely see some of his dad’s markings... 🙂





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