Shifting perspective

A day full of shifting perspectives:

…like waking up to 4 inches of snow on day 5 of spring is not-so-bad when the extended forecast boasts of 50 degree days around-the-corner…


…and poison ivy & briars can be quite beautiful with a layer of glistening snow on its branches…


…and cows don’t seem to mind rooting through cold wetness when they know the salad bar they saw the day before is hiding beneath it…


…and roads that just a few hours before were rutted in mud are now marked by the moisture to define a clear path…


…and sons who aren’t “babies” anymore & are taller than me can still find joy in making a snowman & snowball fights…


Thank You, Lord, for helping me to shift my perspective from dwelling on the negative to finding the positive. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful gift! Amen

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