Garlic gift

Came home one day earlier this week to a gift of garlic from one of our customers! I had spoken with her awhile ago of how we’d love to grow garlic again “someday”, but just haven’t gotten around to it. She mentioned she’d probably have extra & wondered if we’d like some… Isn’t it funny how an unexpected gift can be just-the-thing to get us to turn a thought into an action? 🙂

So remember the raised beds that got blogged about last year? Click here or here or here to see a few… Well, other than Paul’s strawberries that were strong enough to push through the weeds this spring, we never got around to preparing or planting the other two this year. And then Paul kept getting stung by hornets each time he push mowed in that area, so that corner of the yard ended up growing up into a jungle, lol…

The promise of fresh garlic next year prompted Mike & I to dig-in & prepare one raised bed! 🙂

(Oh – and we did find the hornets’ hole in the ground, too. Fortunately they didn’t bother us, but Mike will take care of them this weekend.)









We’ll cover them with a bunch of leaves in the next week or two. And we’ll be excited to see how they do next year! THANK YOU, HEATHER, FOR YOUR GIFT – AND FOR BEING OUR MOTIVATOR!! 🙂

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