FINALLY 2nd calf 2015

Waiting for mamas to have babies is kinda like watching water come to a boil, lol. We’ve been eagerly awaiting an explosion of births each day since our first one on March 21st. But it’s been very non-eventful around here… Fiskars and Chewy are doing fantastic, but if you’re gonna milk one cow, you might as well have MORE, right?? Ahh. Good lesson in patience on the Lord’s timing… Guess He knows we need it.πŸ˜‰

BUT. Finally. Went up at the crack of dawn today, and spotted an extra little body through the misty film of a rain-soaked field!



It’s a girl!! PeaPod is proud mama to Leia (think Star Wars and roundy hairstyle).πŸ˜‰

[Click here to see her calf from last year.]

I had an appointment this morning, so I couldn’t help with bringing them down. I passed on picture taking duties to the boys and their friend, Tyler… (along with Blake, the cat, lol)😏


I’ve been told it all went smoothly…πŸ‘




I’m glad the boys had Tyler there to help this morning!❀️ 


Hooray! Our count is now one boy and one girl. Perhaps we are coming up to a rapid boil here… Stay tuned!😊 

6 thoughts on “FINALLY 2nd calf 2015

  1. gardengateproject

    Would like to have some of your rain. It has been dry and the irrigation water hasn’t been available yet. Our wheat is doing okay thus far. We are expecting rain tomorrow. Blessings, Debra


    1. Dawn Roberts Post author

      Yes – we’ve been hearing about the dry weather out your way… Sure wish we could share some with you all!πŸ˜‰ Grateful you have some in your forecast for tomorrow! Praying for strength as you wait…❀️


  2. Diane

    Congratulations! Hello little Leia! And thank you Lord for a healthy little girl and save delivery. Father that you would grant all the births go smoothly and according to your perfect timing!



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