4th calf 2015

Went up to do a calf check after a pretty heavy downpour and found that Gluey had her calf, AND it was on the wrong side of the fence…😑😁


The fence electric was off, so Mike pushed her calf back under the fence…  

It’s a girl! Her name is Padme. (Kinda funny – just like how the movies were released…Leia first, and then Padme!) 

{Click here to see Gluey’s calf from last year.}


Now we needed to make a decision. Leave calf with mama for the night or just bring them down to the barn now…?

After observing them for awhile, we decided to bring them down to the barn, milk Gluey, and feed Padme. Gluey was a muddy mess, seemed to like staying close to the fence, and with more rain in the forecast, we thought it best not to wait until tomorrow.


We were really thankful the boys’ baseball was cancelled for tonight! It was nice having them here to help.πŸ‘



Paul & I walked behind Gluey, and Michael drove the baby cart… 



 Gluey got a good scrub down…πŸ˜‰ 

 And she milked plenty of colostrum for Padme.πŸ‘ 

Plus we got a special show from her half-brother, Han, as he danced around in excitement, lol…😜 



New tally: 2 boys, 2 girls…😊 

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