7th calf 2015

Found ScotchTape with her calf this morning!πŸ‘

It’s a boy – and his name is Vader. She had him near where she had her calf last year, but at least he was not on the wrong side of the fence, lol. (Click here to read about that.)


We brought them down pretty quick because we didn’t want to chance her moving to the back end of the field. Vader walked all the way down with his mama.πŸ‘ 



Michael drove the empty baby cart. (Can you tell he’s getting tired of me taking all these pictures, lol?)😏


 Vader had a brief stubborn moment and decided he was done walking. We are pretty sure he is the largest calf yet, so Mike tried pretty hard to convince him to walk the last stretch so he wouldn’t need carried…πŸ˜‰ 







He briefly met Gungi as we brought him out of the barn so Vader could have his spot. 

Then we brought OreoCookie’s calf over to our place with Gungi…  




And THIS is why the boys bring the calves on trips. Mike and I are not sprinters, lol…😁 



Mission successful.πŸ‘ 

 And then we finally got around to milking and feeding babies…πŸ‘  

Lord willing, final two calves are left to come later next week. Count now is 5 boys, 2 girls.😊 

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