6th calf 2015

When we went up to do a calf check before milking this morning, OreoCookie was off by herself. So we milked and then headed back up to check things out. And found this:


It’s a boy! {Click here to see her calf from last year.} The Sarver family will be naming him, so I’ll update this post when I hear what it is…😊

We wanted to give Cookie a chance to clean him up more and feed him, so we headed back home to eat breakfast and then move Padme to join the other calves at our house.πŸ‘

Padme was a pretty hesitant walker. Took her awhile to make the trip, but she finally made it.



Her welcoming committee had full tummies from their morning milk, so they were not the most welcoming, lol…😏



Paul helped them out with some introductions…πŸ˜‰




 Got back up to get Cookie and her calf, and noticed he hadn’t eaten.😁 Sooo, we brought them down, milked AGAIN, and had plenty to feed her calf.😊













  This pic makes me laugh… If you zoom in on Mike’s face, you can see him preparing to carry another heavy calf… This new guy rivals yesterday’s Gungi, and we are old and tired, lol.

 Ahhh – but in swoops the next generation! Michael to the rescue!!πŸ‘πŸ˜‰









This pic shows Cookie’s calf from 2012 – Sarge – in the front left of the baby mobile. Maybe next year she’ll have her first calf!πŸ‘ 






 Blake introduced himself.😻





Not sure, but I think Gungi is photobombing this pic, lol…😜 




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