9th (and final) calf 2015

Got home at dusk last evening from a baseball game, and noticed a small speck in the field… Yep – our last calf had finally arrived!! We headed across the field to see if it was a boy or a girl…

{SIDE NOTE: This picture warms my heart. Paul is walking in front of me. He looks just like my Dad with his hands in his back pockets like that…❤️}

We had moved Disco to this field by herself so there wouldn’t be as much chaos as the other day.

 It’s a boy! His name is Luke… And he got to have a nice and quiet night with his mama.👍

  This morning, Disco brought Luke right to us, and he had a pretty uneventful walk to the barn.😊

Ahsoka was serenading Luke’s arrival, and he was less than impressed, lol…😏

So there we are – all done with calving for 2015! Final tally is 3 girls and 6 boys.👍

Thank You, Lord, for all the new life here on this farm…❤️

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