1st calf 2016

It’s that time of year again: babies and baseball, lol.🐮⚾️
This morning OreoCookie started our milking season out with a beautiful heifer calf. {Click here to see her calf from last year.} Here is the pic Mike txted me after he entered the field this morning:

The boys have named her Barbara.

[This year there is no theme – they just want to name them as they come. Apparently “Barbara” comes from a character from the 1970 movie: Kelly’s Heroes. They will be calling her Babra (which I guess only makes sense if you’ve seen the movie.) Whatever.🙄 I just want her to have a name…😉]

Boys and I got the gates ready, found the halter, and up we all headed to bring them down to the barn.

This pic is kinda cool. The heifer closest to me is actually Barbara’s big sister: Coco. {click here to see the post when she was born in 2014}

Cookie knew the routine and led Barbara all the way down to the barn. It was a great way to start this calving season!

Mama and calf parted at the barn.

And with that, our 2016 calves have officially begun to arrive. Lord willing, 9 more should be here over the next 8 weeks.❤️

Lord, thank You for today’s calf. She is beautiful, and we are grateful. We lift up the rest of the mamas as they prepare to have their calves. Grant us the wisdom we need to assess each case, and prepare our hands to help when needed. May we honor You in all we do. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

4 thoughts on “1st calf 2016

  1. Rachel Gurnish

    Love to read these updates and see the pictures, especially since I have a real idea of what things look like in person. Praying for an easy calving season. Miss you all, much love!
    The Gurnsii


  2. Diane Sanor

    Good thing I checked FB. Aww she is so cute! Good job Mama and Father how gracious for this little calf. May your hand be upon the rest of the Mama’s to be and their babies. Lord that you will keep each in excellent health before and after birth and in agreement for wisdom for Mike and Dawn as they tend their “flock”. Thank you most precious God for the blessing of new life but more important NEW LIFE in you for all who believe. In your Name! Amen!!



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