5th calf 2016

Mike and the boys were greeted by Sarge and her first calf this morning! She had a girl… Her name is Natasha (think: Avengers/Black Widow😉). 

You never know how it will go with first time mamas, so we are grateful all went smoothly for Sarge! {Click here to read about when Sarge was born.} And some more fun trivia to make your head spin: Cookie is Sarge’s mom, so that makes Natasha, Babra’s neice…🐮

We were glad the boys were here to help walk them down to the barn… Sarge was a little apprehensive about this new routine, but she did pretty good.👍🏼

Natasha had to wait for a bit while her mama got a drink…😏  


Natasha also had to wait for us to move Babra, Peggy, and Clark next door before she could have her own private pen. 

Babra and Peggy went in round 1…  

And Clark “flew solo” in round 2…

And my favorite pics – RUNNING!!!❤️  

So now it’s just Hope and Natasha in the barn. They’ll be ready to trek next door in a couple days.👍🏼  

What a good feeling to be halfway done with calving for this season!! Count is now 4 girls, 1 boy.😊

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