6th calf 2016

Banana had her second calf for us this morning. It’s a girl!!! {Click here to read about her calf last year.} Michael named her Harriet.❤️ (Her dad’s name is Harry, lol…) 

Michael got a halter on Banana, too, so he was able to lead her out of Mordor a little easier than it would have been otherwise. (She’s kinda stubborn, but she cooperates pretty well for Michael.😉) Harriet followed well and made it the whole way down.👍🏼  

To see some old posts featuring Banana over the years, click here and here and here.

The other nosey mamas waiting to see who is joining their group, lol…🐮 

Natasha welcoming Harriet…🤗  

Today is a little bittersweet. Banana has been special to Michael, and he’s spent a lot of time showering her with extra attention over the past 4 years. He really wanted her to make the cut and remain one of our dairy girls, but that’s just not gonna happen. Last year, her rumen stopped working and we needed the emergency vet out to help her. Her appetite recovered, but we couldn’t use her milk for our dairy, and we actually dried her up in July. We decided to give her another chance for 2016, but it appears she is the same… Rats.😕 Culling a cow from your herd that you are emotionally attached to can be hard, and I’m grateful for the time we’ve all had to prepare for this possibility. It’s just how farming goes sometimes. We are thankful for everything she has taught us, the wonderful memories of watching Michael take care of her, and for the two calves she’s had for us.❤️

Lord, use this experience to grow each one of us closer to You… Amen🙏🏼

4 thoughts on “6th calf 2016

  1. Diane Sanor

    So sorry about Banana. Yet so glad the Lord gave her for Michael to bond with and the memories. Isn’t He wonderful to give us “pets” to even teach us. And my! Your young men are growing so fast and handsome too! Gentle hugs!



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